Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Yesterday we had some time with our grandson and, as I watched my wife and daughter-in-law with him, I was struck with just how precious mothers are. The love in their eyes and the love in the eyes of that one-year-old who could sense how deeply loved he is even if he can’t understand it yet. Watching Traci on a video link with our granddaughter showed how that affection can be recognized and continued even from a distance.

Today, as we dropped off Mother’s Day meals for my mom and sister, and not having been able to hug or kiss my own mother for two months, my heart burned for the kind of expression of love my grandson was able to experience because I know how deeply my mother cares for me.

God is a God of relationships! He created us in His image to have those special bonds with each other. We need relationships and Mothers start fulfilling that need before we even recognize the need.

Take the time to communicate your love for your mother out there, or someone who has shown you that kind of love when she wasn’t the one who brought you into this earth but stepped up for you when you needed her.

God Bless all Mothers this Mother’s Day and every day you are there bringing love and comfort to each of us.

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