Cris Dush A Rating from the NRA

My Letter From the NRA

As a man of God, I truly believe that when you live by the Word and do the right things, the Lord will clear your path, show you the light, and let others know the good that you do in this world.

Today, I was humbled to receive an official “A” rating letter from the National Rifle Association’s Political Victory Fund. Despite what you may have heard from others in this race, my stance on preserving the Second Amendment for the citizens of this great Commonwealth (and this great nation) is unwavering, and I am very grateful to the NRA for validating my position so others can see the truth with their own eyes.

I sincerely hope this puts the matter to rest. I’m sure my opponents will continue to work hard to drag my reputation through the mud, but I’m so encouraged by the people I’m meeting every day who continue to lift my spirit. Helping people and getting to know them is one of the best parts of public service, and I truly hope I have the opportunity to serve the good people of Pennsylvania’s 25th Senatorial District.

Please take a moment to read over the letter. I’ve made it clickable, so you can share the link with anyone you think might find value in it.

Thanks so much for your support, and God bless you.

6 thoughts on “NRA Sets the Record Straight on Cris Dush

  1. paul morelli

    Thank you Rep Dush for your integrity and for doing and saying the right thing even when the going got rough…. I look forward to you representing us as our Senator after this election. Please keep holding those in government accountable to “we the people” … IHS…paul


    More People in Elk County need to see this since they already received the lying postcards about you and need to know the truth .We dont need any more dirty politics and that seems to be all your opponent is offering, so people ought to know about what he is doing as well.
    You are exactly the type of man we need representing our District in Harrisburg so I wish you the best of success in the upcoming primary.
    You got my vote!

  3. Sheriff CARL Gotwald Sr

    Never had a doubt have faith in your decisions and especially on our own Gun Rights.

  4. Gary walk

    You will be getting my vote You stand for what is right and what you believe in
    God bless you on your path to help this state

  5. Ed Strong

    I never had a doubt about Chris” integrity. I knew all along those accusations were false that were made about him. What else will Mr. Suplizio lie about if he gets elected! Unfortunately it is legal to say anything in politics regardless of the truth. God bless you Chris and keep fighting. Perhaps Mr. Suplizio would be better served in the democrat party where lying is a badge of honor!

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