Help Me Fight the Swamp!

Let’s Fight the Swamp Together!

There have been a lot of folks who contributed to help my campaign this year and I’m grateful. It would have been my preference to have had the three of us in this campaign focusing solely on what we have done and what our mission is for you. 

Unfortunately, the Harrisburg lobbyists running the campaign for Herm Suplizio and the political action committee funded by Harrisburg politicians supporting Herm, chose not to go that route and I have been forced to use the valuable resources you have so kindly provided to respond to their lies.

We are getting the word out about my true record of fighting waste, fraud, abuse, and the threats of increased taxation which takes more money out of your pocket with little or no accountability.

I know the attack ads are not going to stop. That is now beyond question. The ultimate insiders from Harrisburg are now invested over $300,000 and counting in a “safe” Republican seat to prevent me (rather than promoting their candidate) from representing you. 

The Truth Will Out. But I do need some help to combat these lies.  Please, take the time to pray about this and whatever you feel led to contribute (especially more prayer) would be appreciated and put to good use to help me let those in areas who don’t know me understand what The People of the 66th District already know.

This link will provide you with the information you need to help.  Thank you.

God Bless!

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